About Choksi

Saurin Choksi is a comedian living in New York City.

He recently appeared on Fuse TV, as the host of White Guy Talk Show--a nightly pop culture comedy show. In 2014 his stand up comedy took first place at the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival. Choksi has performed at top comedy venues across the country, including Carolines in New York, The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles and The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, IN. His stand up has been featured on various outlets, including Fox TV and Sirius/XM Radio. Choksi is a proud alumni of the nation's longest running independent comedy showcase, Chicago's The Lincoln Lodge.

But his girlfriend, Caitlin, is getting her PHD from Columbia University and he's not sure how to compete with that.

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Thanks a lot for visiting my site! If you saw me somewhere and liked my stuff please hit me up over email, twitter or whatever social media. I'd be happy to get you tickets to a future show. Below is just some background info on how I got started in comedy since folks ask from time to time.

I've always loved comedy since I was a little kid. I remember buying Bill Cosby tapes in elementary school. The first time I saw Eddie Murphy Raw it blew my mind. (Also I was like 11 and well you've seen it...). In college I started buying books on joke writing and stand up comedy but had no idea how to start. Also those books made my head hurt. When I moved to Detroit in 2003, I started taking classes at Second City Detroit. I learned a ton there and met amazing, talented people who are now my closest friends. I did stand up for the first time in 2006 and started to have a sneaky feeling maybe that's what I should be doing. Then I moved to Chicago in 2009 and saw all the awesome comics working really, really hard. It finally clicked in my head, "Oh, you do it A LOT if you want to be good."

My favorite books usually have dragons in them. I went to the University of Texas and thus am a fan of college football. I have spent more time in my life actively memorizing rap lyrics than I think normal. Alot of friends call me by my last name. Some don't. It's really fine either way.